Video and Databases

Planning, Filming, Editing
September 2016
3rd Semester

A new medium

For the first time at this program, the primary end-product of the project, was a video we had to produce. The assignment was mainly about being able to produce a video using cinematic technqiues and storytelling concepts about databases, and advanced planning in the conceptual stage of creating databses.

My role

Due to a bad past of mine where I had an everlasting need to take over a project and oversee every single creative and technical aspect of it, I was during this project mainly taking on a project manager role, but I was also the camera man, sound guy and video editor for this project.

My Reflection

During this project, I learned a lot about how important proper communication is between team members during the project to ensure consistency throughout the final product.

I am not at all satisfied with the end product, as it didn't live up to the vision I had when I started on the course, but because of the degree of my involvment with the creative aspect of the project, I honestly can't complain except for not being happy about what I didn't produce.

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