Portfolio Redesign

Branding, Website
December 2015
1st Semester

Redesigning my portfolio (and personal brand)

For my final concluding semester project, I was tasked with creating a new portfolio site, using what I had learned all throughout the first semester, this being all of my planning techniques, coding languages, technologies and software. I was expected to design and code my own site without using a CMS platform like Wordpress or Joomla, however frameworks were allowed to be used.

I wanted this portfolio to not only just represent myself, but also my abilities, and I wanted the visitor to be able to see, at first glance, what I was "all about". I thought that just using my name would be insufficient, so I came up with the name "Mazouz Digital". Really creative, I know.

I thought that it would describe me in the best way, while allowing for the name to be used as a company name in the future as well. I mainly work with digital design and solutions, I think it has a nice sound to it, and coupled with the automatic changing sub-heading on the front-page, I think it works quite well so far.

My Reflection

I grew a lot during this project because that I had a lot of ambitions that I was unable to fulfill due to various reasons. A lot of small things that I didn't account for during my project planning stage ended up adding up to a large amount of time which ultimately was wasted.

I learned a whole lot. I think if I could pinpoint exactly what I learned that I should improve on, it would be:

  1. Not ignoring making my designs have fallbacks (IE support, browser-prefixes, etc.)
  2. Time management. A whole lot of time management

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