Lulu's Drawer

Designing, Campaign, Marketing
May 2016
2nd Semester

A newly started brand

Being a newly started clothing brand with a tight marketing budget can prove to be a difficult task, which was excellent because that was the challenge we were facing in this project, namely bootstrapping a marketing campaign for a new clothing startup specializing in Lingerie, sleepwear and accessories

In this particular project, the assignment consisted of designing and developing an landing page and several other deliverables with an attached website and strategy, as well as the underlying components such as design and identity. This assignment was primarily a demonstration of our abilites since it was an exam project.

Bootstrapping budget

The budget for the entire campaign was at 30,000 kr. which was difficult considering the goals that were set for the campaign.

My main role in this project was developing the landing page, redesigning their visual identity and filling out the value proposition and landing page sections of the report.

My Reflection

During this project, I learned a lot about how important proper communication is between team members during the project to ensure consistency throughout the final product.

I am definitely not satisfied with the report part of the project but the landing page was satisfactory.

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