Fanta Drop Hunt

Branding, Campaign
October 2015
1st Semester

Advertising for a new target audience

For this project, the advertising agency Another CPH had managed to attract the attention of Fanta, yes, the Fanta and had gotten them as their client for a marketing campaign. An art director from Another and previous CPH Business student, Joe, came to our school to give us an introduction on himself, the company, what they’ve done in the past and a brief on Fanta. The main problems Fanta had were as follows:

"As most of you have probably noticed from the commercials Fanta has been putting out, they are targeting a very young audience, under 12 years old, and they wanna move away from that. Fanta wants to target an older age group, from 12-20+. We thought “who would be better to ask for ideas than the age group they want to target?”

So with that, we got to know what Fanta’s problem was. They simply wanted to target an older age group as their target audience.

The idea generation

Initially, we came up with two seperate ideas. The first one was called “Fanta Squeeze” and was about mimicking the viral marketin campaign stunts that Fanta’s parent company, Coca Cola, ever so often does. This idea involved placing a giant see-through Fanta can at a high traffic location, such as Storkespringvandet at Strøget in Copenhagen. The can would have a machine attached to it, with a big button that would say “squeeze”. If a user depressed the button a bunch of times, orange liquid resembling and representing Fanta would seep into the can. The objective for the user pressing the button would then ideally be to fill up the can. It could either be a tast on the shoulder of the single user, or a join effort, where one person would be able to fill the can up 2 percent and walk away and have that process repeat throughout the day. Once the can was filled up, an event would happen, celebrating it, or a big spectacle would take place where the can was residing.

The other idea, was creating an Augmented Reality game with the premise of scanning cans of Fanta to acquire new creatures and collect them. In essence, gamifying soda consumption with a Pokémon styled game solely on the collectable aspect. You would essentailly be scanning a Fanta can and have the creature come to life on the screen of the smartphone, and a nationwide competition and race for collecting all the creatures would be started. I developed the prototype animations for the ideas in cooperation wtih my groupmate Bjarke Handsdal.

My Reflection

During this project, I needed to learn a valuable lesson about several different things. First thing's first, teamwork is important and splitting up the work load is vital for a project to be completed successfully witht he highest degree of satisfaction. I took way too much work upon myself to finish because of my trust issues related to working with other people, which was a big hindrance during this project. Furthermore, common practices used when planning projects were also some of the things I should have made use of during this project, this project however was our first study-point rewarding group project of the semester, so on that front I feel like I can be excused, given that we hadn't learned that much.

Our group was so lucky to get a speed-pitching chance with Joe from Another CPH. At that meeting, we got a lot of gold nuggets and valuable feedback of which we obviously took into account when further developing our two ideas.

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