Layout, Campaign
March 2016
2st Semester

When media changes platform

With the advent of modern technology, we have seen certain types of media undergo a kind of revolution. Music has gone from vinyl records to digital streaming, movies and television have gone from broadcasting to on-demand streaming and we're seeing the same with magazines. Gone are the days of people flocking to the nearest newsstand to get the hot, fresh off the press issue of their favourite magazine, and in are the times of waking up in the morning to have your magazine of choice delivered digitally to your iPad overnight while you slept.

In this particular project, the assignment consisted of designing and developing an e-magazine with an attached website and strategy, as well as the underlying components such as design and identity. This assignment was primarily a practical exercise in InDesign layout creation and management.

Selling a product to an audience without money...

Our product was an e-magazine called $ULT Magazine, a magazine targeting young students who have trouble managing their money and daily lives due to their lack of funds. The word SULT is an acronym for "super useful living tips" and incidentally, when pronounced in danish, means "hunger".

My main role in this project was developing the landing page and filling out the value proposition and landing page sections of the report.

My Reflection

During this project, I learned a lot about how important proper communication is between team members during the project to ensure consistency throughout the final product.

I am definitely not satisfied with the final product for several reasons, mostly due to my own lack of effort.

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