Branding, Campaign
October 2015
1st Semester

A CSR campaign that needs to be seen

For some companies, a Corporate Social Responsiblity campaign (CSR for short), can be an integral part of their PR system, and for some companies, even vital to their survival and growth.

In this particular project, we were supposed to choose a company that either didn't have a dedicated CSR site or one that we could improve, and then we had to choose a partner organization for them to work with in this fictional campaign. For this project, our group chose to do a campaign website for the worldwide organisation ISS, who deal with cleaning, catering, security and more. For the partner organization, we chose to have them work with 3F, which is a popular Danish union.

Turning a crisis into an opportunity...

For the campaign website, we chose to focus on a touchy subject that has garnered a lot of relevance these past months: the refugee crisis. We looked up some statistics and found out that out of the 22,255 asylum seekers in 2015, only 31 of them got a job. We saw this as an extremely open opportunity to show where in society ISS in cooperation with 3F could serve, providing a job and plenty of means of support and education to the refugees and have them assimilated into society.

My main role on this project was to design the website and formulate the design brief (which was in turn later handled by my group mate Niels, and later on I took on the assignment of coding the design I had made as well. I chose to design a landing page that would present data to the viewer to further point out the point the site was trying to make: for the government (our target audience) to make it easier for companies to hire asylum seekers. One of the features of the website was a background video in the hero-section of the page, which was edited together by Casper. The charts on the website were made by Bjarke using the ChartJS plugin for me to implement later. The SEO analysis and outline setup was done by Cramer.

My Reflection

During this project, I learned a lot about what goes into actually figuring out ways to visually present data and signify points through icons. On the more techy side, working responsively with third-party plugins such as ChartJS also proved to be quite the task.

In the end, I wouldn't wanna say that I am satisfied with the end result. I am usually a perfectionist, so I want to get every little detail right, but for this particular project, as always, the time constraints didn't fit my workflow. Though that is not to say that I didn't also handle my time irresponsibly at times too.

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