Design Diaries

Programming, Design, Database
April 2016
2nd Semester

When something has to become interactive

Nowadays, normal websites aren't enough. They need to be interactive, and this is what this project was about. We were supposed to create a new website, that would act as a blog. It would be our introduction into the world of PHP and MySQL and teach us programming for the web and interacting with a database.

In this particular project, the assignment consisted of designing and developing an online blog which would allow the user to upload a blog post and have it show up on the front page.

Selling a product to an audience without money...

During this project, I was alone, which meant that I had full control over everything going on. This was a true blessing because I had full creative control and overhead.

My Reflection

I learned through this project, how to design a database, set it up, develop a website with PHP and have it dynamically update content. I also learned about form validation and file upload, and how to protect the database and website from SQL and HTML injections.

I am very satisfied with the final product.

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